The most complete electric folding bike of the moment: the Compact MN7 by QWIC. This small but powerful e-bike is not only easy to take with you, it also takes you everywhere in no time. or boat or to use as a last-mile transport into to the city centre. This compact e-bike brings you everywhere you like.
QWIC Compact FN7 opgevouwen voor Tesla

Electric folding bike

The Compact MN7 of course lives up to its name; when folded, this folding bike has a size of 42 x 89 x 66 cm. The QWIC Compact MN7 is ideal to use as last-mile transportation: park your car on the outskirts of town and cycle the last mile to your destination. Good for your wallet and the environment.

man zit op elektrische vouwfiets van QWIC


The Compact MN7 features a powerful Bafang mid-motor with 80 Nm (Newton meters) of torque. This efficient, intuitively supportive and very powerful mid-motor has already surprised many and is rated the best in almost every e-bike test.

Man met zwarte Compact e-bike op het station


The battery of the Compact MN7 is integrated into the rear carrier, the battery is easy to place and remove. The battery is equipped with One-Key ART approved security that secures the battery and the bike with the same key against theft.

How many km can you cover with a full Compact MN7 battery? That depends on the capacity and battery size you choose:

417 Wh battery (standard included) → 65 km on average
500 Wh battery (extra charge €220,-) → 85 km on average

Note: The above average distances are indications only. The range depends on several factors.

QWIC Compact MN7 mat zwart zijaanzicht

Hub gear 7-speed

The Compact MN7 is equipped with a Nexus hub gear system with seven gears. This gear system has a 244% shift range. This means that in the lightest gear you make 2.44 more pedal revolutions than in the heaviest gear.

Hydraulic rim brakes
The Compact MN7 is equipped with hydraulic rim brakes. With this brake system, as soon as you squeeze the brake lever, oil is forced through the brake cable. The pressure of the oil causes the brake pads to push against the rim.

LCD display

Thanks to the clear LCD display in the middle of the handlebar it is very easy to operate the QWIC Compact MN7 electric bicycle.


  • Till 125 km
  • 18650 NCM LI-ion
  • yes
  • 375 Wh - 500 Wh
  • 21,8 kg
  • 80 Nm
  • Mid drive (Bafang)
  • Shimano Nexus 7
  • One size
  • 20 Inch
  • yes
  • 5
  • no
  • 244 %
  • yes
  • yes
  • Axa Echo 30 Lux
  • CST Pro Series
  • Magura HS22
  • Magura HS22
  • yes
  • 6 hrs
  • From € 2599


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