The QWIC MA8 Tour is an eye-catcher. The quiet and powerful mid-motor, belt drive and the wide shifting range of the hub gears ensure a smooth riding experience.
Middenmotor Premium MA8 Tour


The Premium MA8 Tour’s very powerful Brose mid-mounted motor is equipped with internal belt transmission. This provides the motor with a very smooth transfer of power and operates completely silently. The Brose mid-motor has a torque of no less than 90 Nm. The software, specially developed for QWIC, ensures that the engine performance is optimally adjusted to the e-bike.

Premium MA8 Tour

Hub gear 8-speed

The Premium MA8 Tour is equipped with an Alfine 8-speed hub which allows for smooth shifting. The Alfine hub can be described as the best of both worlds: it is closed and very low-maintenance, yet it is one of the lightest and most lightweight hubs on the market, making it comparable to a derailleur gear. With a shift range of 307% you also tune the ideal gear very precisely.

Accu Premium MA8 Tour


The battery of the Premium MA8 Tour is located on the rear carrier.

How many km can you cover with a full battery? That depends, among other things, on the capacity and battery size you choose:

417 Wh battery (standard included) → 55 km on average
625 Wh battery (extra charge €300) → 80 km average
756 Wh battery (extra charge €400) → average 90 km

Note: The above average distances are indications only. The range depends on several factors.

Riemaandrijving op de Premium MA8

Belt drive

Gates’ belt drive is ideally suited for the Premium MA8 Tour’s powerful e-bike motor. The belt is made with stretch-free carbon fiber drawstrings and abrasion-resistant plastic material, making it durable, weatherproof and easy to maintain.

Schijfremmen op het voorwiel

Hydraulic disc brakes

The Premium MA8 Tour is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, this is a braking system with the strongest and very safe braking power.

Smooth welded frame van de Premium MA8 Tour

Suspension and adjustable parts

Adjustable stem
With an adjustable stem you can adjust the position of the handlebars. This way you can partly adjust the seating position of the Premium MA8 Tour to your liking.

Suspension fork
Thanks to the oil-damped double suspension fork with lock-out function you can easily adjust the stiffness of the suspension. This provides you with the necessary comfort while cycling.

Suspension seat post
With a suspension seat post you cycle with comfort over bumps and rougher road surfaces.

Center flat screen

LCD flat screen display

The Brose mid-mounted motor is controlled via the LCD flat screen display. The clear digital display in the middle of the handlebar makes it very easy to operate the Premium MA8 Tour. By using the left handlebar, you can easily adjust the level of support without taking your hands off the handlebars.


  • Till 160 km
  • 18650 NCM LI-ion
  • yes
  • 375 Wh - 735 Wh
  • 23,6 kg
  • 90 Nm
  • Mid drive (Brose S-Drive)
  • 47,5 m
  • Shimano Alfine 8
  • M, L
  • 28 Inch
  • yes
  • 3
  • yes
  • 307 %
  • yes
  • yes
  • Busch & Müller Avy 40 Lux LED
  • Schwalbe Road Cruiser Whitewall
  • Magura MT4
  • Magura MT4
  • yes
  • 8 hrs
  • From € 3399


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