May promotion: Premium MN7D+

May promotion: Premium MN7D+

Dealer promotion: purchasing advantage
As of 22 april until 3 juni 2022, QWIC dealers can benefit from a purchasing deal on Premium MN7D+.

If you place an order during the promotional period of this specific model with a battery capacity of 625 Wh or 756 Wh, you gain a €180 purchasing benefit. This discount is settled automatically in the form of a net-purchasing benefit. This, in turn, allows you to offer the battery upgrade below as a consumer promotion.

Note: The above dealer promotion does not apply to the current stock, separate battery orders or pre-orders.

Consumer promotion: battery upgrade
QWIC launches a unique consumer promotion in may 2022 (01.05-31.05) in which the Premium MN7D+ is available with a battery upgrade worth €320!

Premium MN7D+ with 417 Wh for €2.699,-

Premium MN7D+ with 417 Wh 625 Wh for €3.019 €2.699,- (benefit €320)

Premium MN7D+ with 417 Wh 756 Wh for €3.119 €2.799,- (benefit €320)