QWIC launches 5 years warranty campaign

QWIC launches 5 years warranty campaign

QWIC 5 years warranty campaign in full swing!

Valid as of 15 March til 30 June 2022

As of tuesday 15 March til Saturday 30 June, QWIC offers 5 years of warranty on all e-bike models from the 2022 catalogue. With this campaign, QWIC aims to ensure cyclists many carefree years!

How does it work?

Consumers are entitled to 5 years of warranty upon purchase of one of the promotional models (all e-bike models from the 2022 catalogue) within the period 15 March 2022 til 30 June 2022.

To effectively receive 5 years of warranty, consumers need to individually fill out the My QWIC form in order to receive a valid warranty certificate by email.

QWIC offers an additional leniency to consumers along with their purchase of a promotional model asĀ  of 1 March 2022.

POS material

As of april, QWIC launched an extensive online and offline media campaign to promote its 5 years warranty campaign. In the meantime, you should have received our unique POS materials to promote this campaign.Online promotional materials to give the campaign some extra attention can be found in the Dealer portal in ‘Downloads’.

National media campaign

In the months of april and may, the 5 years warranty campaign is mentioned explicitly in various magazines and newspapers throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, including De Volkskrant, Trouw, Knacks and Trends. The campaign also appears on roughly 700 outdoor locations (such as bus stops) throughout the Netherlands and close to QWIC-points of sales.

We wish you a successful 5 years warranty campaign!

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