Amendments in mobility packages Premium Q & Atlas 

Amendments in mobility packages Premium Q & Atlas 

As of April 1st, 2022, the mobility packages for Premium Q and Atlas will be adjusted. Before, consumers could purchase an ENRA insurance contract for their connected e-bikes (with GPS) directly via the QWIC app. This is no longer possible from April 1st, 2022, onwards.  

ENRA decided to make it impossible for bike manufacturers to offer insurance themselves. This means that it is no longer possible for Premium Q or Atlas owners to purchase a mobility package through the app.  

Insurance contracts will now be acquired from dealers. The GPS system itself, however, will still be activated in the QWIC app.  

What does this mean for new consumers?
Consumers will be able to purchase insurance from their QWIC dealers. 

Note: Make sure that consumers receive an insurance with which they can report theft directly in the QWIC app. This is a possible connection within ENRA’s insurance policy.  

What does this mean for current Premium Q and Atlas owners?
Current owners of QWIC mobility packages will receive an extension offer from ENRA. The GPS subscription can be extended by consumers themselves in the QWIC app.  

Activating Premium Q’s GPS system
Premium Q comes with a standard integrated GPS system. This system is free to use the first year and can be activated easily through the QWIC app. After a year of free use, the GPS feature can optionally be prolonged for €3,50 per month.  

Activating Atlas’ GPS system
Atlas can optionally be upgraded with an integrated GPS system. The GPS software can be installed by the dealer for an additional €199,00. This software can be easily ordered by the dealer by email or phone under article number #12331. As soon as the software has been installed, the consumer can activate the GPS module for one year via the QWIC app. After this year, the GPS feature can be extended optionally for €3,50 per month.