QWIC presenents its first TV commercial

QWIC presenents its first TV commercial

We proudly share with you…

The QWIC dealer network has grown a lot over the past years, we are very happy and proud with that. To lift our brand to an even higher level and to further increase consumer confidence, we are now going big with the first QWIC TV commercial ever!

We are proud to share this QWIC commercial with you. From Monday the 4th of July onwards, the television campaign ‘QWIC, always nearby‘ will be shown on all major Dutch television channels. QWIC will be visible on primetime moments (when the number of viewers is the highest) such as around the 8 o’clock news on NPO and around RTL Nieuws.

Would you like to download the commercial? You can do so here via the dealer sharepoint.

View the QWIC TV commercial

How do you get the most out of this campaign?

The goal of the TV campaign is to get more consumers acquainted with QWIC and therefore get more consumers to your shop. To get the most out of this campaign, you can prepare yourself by:

  • Having QWIC models ready in your shop
  • Visibly displaying QWIC POS material in your shop
  • Informing your employees about the extension of the 5 year warranty campaign when purchasing up to September
  • Make use of the digital promotional material that we have made available for you on the dealer sharepoint
  • Share the QWIC commercial through your website, social media channels and within your network.

In the months July, August and September, at least 5 million people will have seen our TV commercial several times. In the coming weeks, we will share with you the impact of our TV campaign, of course we hope that you are as enthusiastic about this campaign as we are!