Upgrade available for QWIC Mira front fork suspension 

Upgrade available for QWIC Mira front fork suspension 

From now on, we have an upgrade available for customers who have reported the suspension of the QWIC Mira front fork to be too soft. We have received feedback from some customers and e-bike testers indicating that the front fork suspension may feel uncomfortable, particularly when the bikes are heavily loaded with user size, weight and luggage. With this load the suspension fork may reach the end of the suspension travel too easily, making the ride less comfortable.  

Upgrade kit for Mira
To address this issue and enhance the riding experience, we are offering an upgrade option that involves adding a spacer inside the left leg of the front fork. This spacer applies additional pre-tension to the suspension spring, resulting in a firmer suspension feel.  

This upgrade kit is now available on the Dealer portal and includes the following items: 

RST tool #12527
Spacer #12526

Also compatible with Premium i and Premium MN7D(+) series
This upgrade kit is not only compatible with the QWIC Mira, but also with other RST suspension forks as used on our Premium i and Premium MN7D(+) series. The characteristics of those forks are by default more suitable for heavier loads and considered more comfortable. However, this upgrade kit can still be used to increase the pre-tension on those bikes where it is deemed appropriate.  

More background information and assembly instructions
For detailed background information and assembly instructions, we have prepared the following knowledgebase articles: 

Mira and MN7D(+) series

Premium i series

In case you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.