The exclusive story of the newest QWIC e-bike: Premium Q

The exclusive story of the newest QWIC e-bike: Premium Q

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‘Developing sustainable mobility solutions’, that’s what we aim for with each QWIC bike. Next to mobility as our main inspirational source, we analyse and recognize mobility needs, listen to our e-bike users and implement the latest technology. That’s also how we developed the Premium Q.  Discover the journey of this progressive e-bike, from orientation to integrating the best e-bike components. 


Human Mobility  |  Dr. Ir. Carlo van de Weijer – Managing Director EAISI

“The traditional bike is from all the mobility solutions, a powerful modality, but now all of a sudden there’s the e-bike. Which makes the entire system even much better. People with a traditional bike want to cycle for up to 5 km of work commuting, but people with an e-bike suddenly cover distances up to 10 or 15 km, or even farther, using a speed pedelec. The distances will become greater, so the number of trips that can be undertaken by bike will increase exponentially. “

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Next Level Mobility & QWIC  |  Taco Anema – CEO & founder of QWIC

Taco Anema, oprichter van QWIC
“The development of sustainable mobility solutions is a great ambition of QWIC. We want to seduce car drivers to leave their car and use more often the bicycle. In 2006 we were the pioneer and now 14 years later we want to redefine the e-bike. Innovation-driven and focused on the target group, we started two years ago with a very progressive project: the Premium Q.”

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Starting from Scratch | Methara Postma – Innovation Manager at QWIC

werknemer van QWIC over nieuwe QWIC fiets
“How did the Premium Q come to be? Usually, our e-bikes are strongly improved versions of previous models, but with the Premium Q we started completely from scratch. Next to the high quality design, the Premium Q has an extra focus on safety, connectivity and the bike range. The Premium Q brings QWIC to the highest segment in the e-bike market. ”

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The creation of a new QWIC design  |  Robert Bronwasser – Owner of Robert Bronwasser Design

een van de designers van Premium Q
“The Premium Q needed to logically fit QWIC: robust and durable, in combination with comfort and elegance. But this time numerous innovations and improvements were taken into account. While designing the Premium Q, we focused on the 3 QWIC principles: Personal, Urban and Smart. The result is an innovative and typical QWIC e-bike: durable, practical, distinctive and unconventional.”

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Remarkable Design  |  Leonieke Kruims – Product Manager at QWIC

werknemer van QWIC over Premium Q
“From the first draft, the integration of an extra-large battery was considered because with the Premium Q we strived for a significant bike range. The Premium Q has just like a car an interior and an exterior. Once on the bike, you will experience comfort. Looking at it from a distance, you will notice the unique and recognizable design.”

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Superior Power  |  Jos Schutte – Product Manager at QWIC

werknemer van QWIC over Premium Q
“The brand new QWIC battery of the Premium Q is built with battery cells and electronics from the automotive industry. As such, we are taking a large step towards energy efficiency, safety and the lifespan of the batteries. We managed to fit in the frame of the Premium Q a battery of 756Wh, instead of a 500Wh one. This makes the Premium Q unique in its segment. “

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Connected to you  |  Prem Mistry – Lead UX Designer at QWIC

werknemer van QWIC over Premium Q
“The Premium Q comes with integrated connectivity so you can track and trace your bike via a simple to use mobile application. With this ‘find my bike’ feature you will also be able to easily find back your lost Premium Q. Quite some people are also worried about breaking down in the middle of nowhere. With the Premium Q, one can simply use the application to request for roadside assistance 24 hours a day and help will come no matter what.

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