Get Your E-Bike Spring Ready!

Get Your E-Bike Spring Ready!

Spring has sprung and the days are getting sunnier. With these essential maintenance tips for your e-bike, you’ll be all set for the beautiful spring days! 🌷🚲

Check tire pressure
To check for your tires’ proper pressure, look at the sides of your tires to find the recommended PSI. If you still have your stock tires, your e-bike’s manual will also give the proper PSI.
Check to make sure that the tires are in good condition by examining the bike tread. If the tread is worn down or the sidewalls are cracking, then it’s time for new tires.

Verify battery health
Before you head out on the trail for the first time, you’ll want to charge it up so that you don’t end up having to make the long ride back home unassisted. It is best to check your battery every 2-3 months and keep it charged between 50-75% for long term storage.

Inspect brakes
It is always a good idea to pump the brakes to ensure they are still functioning. Hold and release your brake levers several times to make sure your bike is brought to a stop. Check your e-bike’s manual to see how to service your brakes. If you aren’t comfortable working on your bike, have an expert service the brakes.

Inspect electrical connections
If your bike has been in storage for a while, check for damage or wear, ensure secure connections and cleanliness.

Check lights and reflectors
Make sure all lights and reflectors are all clean, in working order and properly aligned to ensure visibility and safety, and you’re ready to hit the road again.

Gently wash your e-bike
If you did not clean your electric bike before you stored it, you might want to give it a clean now. Those cobwebs won’t take care of themselves. However, if you are setting up for a spring clean, do not use a pressure sprayer as this may damage the electrics.
Instead, clothes, warm water and detergent or a proprietary bike cleaner will accomplish the job just fine without risking damage. A quick coat of bike silicon shine afterwards will make the frame gleam on those Springtime rides.

Clean and lubricate the chain
If it has been a few months since you hopped on your bike, the chain almost certainly needs cleaning and chain lube. Thoroughly clean and lubricate the chain for smooth operation and extended lifespan.