How to protect your e-bike from theft?

How to protect your e-bike from theft?

How to protect your e-bike from theft?

The fact that e-bikes are popular is common knowledge by now. More and more people are opting for the extra support when facing headwinds. In the Netherlands, more new e-bikes are currently being sold than regular bikes. Unfortunately, this is also well-known to bicycle thieves. The number of stolen e-bikes rose explosively in 2022. According to figures from the ANWB, this number doubled compared to 2021. Only 3 in 10 stolen e-bikes are being recovered. And even loose batteries are sought after by thieves, in 2022 this was 3x as common as the year before.

So what can you do yourself to prevent theft?
You are the proud owner of an e-bike. Then it is important to take measures to prevent your expensive investment from being stolen. Here are some tips to protect your prized possession from theft:

Use not 1, but 2 proper locks
Strong locks are the best way to protect your electric bike from theft. Some thieves are so cunning that they have a master key that they use to open the ring lock of your bike. Therefore, make sure you buy a high-quality lock that is difficult to crack. It is advisable to invest in a lock made of hardened steel and with ART quality mark. The ART seal is a quality label that indicates that the lock meets the highest security requirements. In addition, attach a second lock to a fixed object such as a pole or bike rack. This will make it more difficult for a thief to steal your e-bike.

Park your bike in a safe place
Make sure you store your e-bike at a safe place. Preferably keep it in an enclosed space such as a shed or garage. If you need to leave your bike outside, park it in an area where there are many people and where it is well within sight. Thieves are less likely to try to steal a bicycle if there are many people around.

Remove the battery from the bike
If possible, remove the battery from the bicycle. Not only is the battery itself already popular among thieves, a bike with a battery attached is quite a reward for them. In addition, some insurers do not reimburse the battery if it is stolen with bike and all.

Use tracking technology
There are several tracking technologies available that you can use to track your electric bike if it has been stolen. These systems work based on GPS or other wireless technologies. Some QWIC models already have this GPS tracker built in. If the bike is stolen, you can track its location and alert the police.

Always report theft
Finally, it is always wise to report the theft to the police. If you can hand over the frame number, this can make it easier for the police to find your bike. Therefore, write down the frame number and take a picture of the bike. Keep this information in a safe place so you can always hand it over if necessary.