QWIC’s automatic e-bike – what is it and why?

QWIC’s automatic e-bike – what is it and why?

We are all familiar with automatic gear systems from the automotive-industry. In fact, automatic cars have nearly become the norm nowadays. Last year, more than 60% of all new cars in the Netherlands were automatic. This idea translates to e-bikes as well, and is very convenient in many ways!

One of QWIC’s newest models, the Premium i Auto, has an automatic gear shifting system. This works as follows: you set your preferred cadence, and the bike makes sure you ride in the way that you feel most comfortable. So what does that really mean?

You’ll pedal away easily from traffic lights
You can’t forget to shift to a lower gear when you have to stop, because this e-bike remembers this for you. It will shift down whenever you come to a standstill, so you can ride away with ease once the lights turn green!

Careless riding
Actually, you won’t have to worry about the gear you’re in at all. Riding uphill or downhill? The system responds to your surroundings and to your movements, which allows you to cycle along effortlessly.

Your battery lasts longer
Because you’re always in the right gear, you never strain your e-bike, or your battery. This increases your battery performance which allows you to travel further distances.

Less wear, less maintenance
Another advantage of an automatic e-bike is that the chain and sprockets aren’t strained needlessly. Because the gear is always in its optimal position, the motor minimally strains the drive system. That means less maintenance!

You enjoy cycling even more
Riding an e-bike is, of course, already an unmatched experience in comparison with a regular bike because you have to put in much less effort. If, on top of that, you don’t need to worry about gear shifting anymore, your ride really becomes effortless. Anyone that takes the Premium i Auto for a test ride comes back with a smile on their face.

What do passersby think of the Premium i Auto?
We gave random people on the street the opportunity to try this automatic e-bike for themselves. You can see their experiences for yourself below:


Curious to try this e-bike?
You are more than welcome to test this e-bike in our QWIC Experience Center in Amstelveen, NL. Here we have the Premium i Auto, together with all our other e-bike models, ready for you to try out! Easily book a test ride here.