The perks of working at QWIC

The perks of working at QWIC

Working at QWIC alone already is a fulfilment, but there are so many more things beyond the scope of our working hours that we have to offer. Check out our benefits to see if you can see yourself being part of the QWIC family!

Bikes, bikes, bikes

This may go without saying but you will get your own QWIC e-bike for as long as you work with us (which we hope is a very long time!). You get to choose your own model and together with HR and the showroom manager we will pick out the bike that suits you best!

Healthy Lunch

Every day we have lunch together! Our own chef Cynthia prepares our super tasty daily lunches, which you’ll get to enjoy whenever you’re at the office!

Kickboxing and Football We value physical fitness as much as mental fitness and provide our employees with the possibility to attend our very own kickboxing class every Tuesday after work to stay in shape and every Thursday we participate in a footy league! Happy body, happy mind!


We believe that we are most efficient when our team members can share the same spirit, laughter, and the occasional drink together. Therefore, every few months we have a seasonal party with the whole company to catch up, get to know new colleagues and dance! In summer, we make trips to the city together to sunbathe and enjoy Amsterdam!


QWIC is constantly growing! This growth brings lots of opportunities for different roles and departments. For you as an individual, this means that QWIC challenges you to take ownership of your own projects and where your interest lies. To foster the growth in your position, we provide professional trainings by Lepaya.

Lepaya assists us in setting up different courses according to your current level of experience and skills. With each session, Lepaya guides each of your steps towards your next goal and helps you pave the way for your professional development!

Individual courses

In this fast-evolving world, there are endless skills and personal challenges that you might want to pursue but just don’t have the time or resources. We got you covered! QWIC is very invested in each of our employee’s own personal development and education, which is why there is a budget ready to be spent on courses and trainings. For more details on this, ask your manager or HR.

Work from home budget

Due to the Covid restrictions we (sadly) had to get used to work from home. To set up your home office, we provide a work from home budget which you can spend at Coolblue. You design your own office!

Although it’s always possible to work from home, now that Covid restrictions have been lifted, teams come to the office 2 – 3 times a week. Catching up with colleagues, going for lunch together and a physical office can be especially good for your mental health, so we encourage you to come to the office and are always happy to see you there!


Of course, salary is important! We strive to be open in what we can offer you. To be as transparent as we can, we have our pay policy which is available for every employee. In the pay policy you will find the salary scales and our pension plan.

In some positions, you’ll need a car, phone, or other items. In these specific cases we will provide those things for you. A company laptop is always included.


Time off is crucial to perform as a professional. Therefore, every employee has 25 vacation days. You can redeem the vacation days any time you want, just check with your manager! 😊