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The Premium MN380 is the comfortable version of his sporty brother in the Performance Series. This e-bike is equipped with an adjustable stem, suspension seatpost and a Monoshock suspension fork. The Brose mid-motor in combination with the Gates belt assures perfect support in each speed level. Due to the NuVinci N380 gear system is it possible to gear stepless, therefore you’ll reach your destination as convenient as possible.


The silent and strong mid-engine from the German brand Brose is equipped with an internal beltdrive. Therefore he assures a silent and comfortable ride. The QWIC powered by Brose engine provides 90 Nm. The especially by QWIC developed software assures that the motor works together with all other electronical parts of the bike in his best way.

Gates beltdrive performance serie QWIC elektrische fietsen e-bikes


The Premium MN380 is the most luxurious and  comfortable e-bike in the Premium Series. It is among others equipped with a beltdrive. The beltdrive from Gates is especially suited to be used in combination with a strong motor, as the Brose mid-engine is. The belt  is made from Carbon Fiber and Urethan material, which makes him weatherresistand, maintance-free and sustainable.



Front carrier

The especially by QWIC designed front carrier is optional available for the QWIC Premium MN380. An advantage of the front carrier is that you can easily take more luggage with you while riding the bike. This makes traveling from home to work and back more convenient. Additionally to the front carrier belongs an integrated head lamp. The wires of the head lamp go through the bike, therefore you can’t see any loose wires. This way all cables are protected and the bike keeps his ‘clean-chic’ look.

QWIC Performance Nuvinci traploos schakelen


The QWIC Premium MN380 is equipped with a stapless gearing system. In combination with the Brose mid-engine and the beltdrive assures this system a silent, comfortable and uncomparable ride experience. The NuVinci gear hub offers stepless and easy gearing with a high number of gears to choose from. The hub is especially designed for powerful e-bikes. In combination with the beltdrive it creates a maintaince-free and convenient ride experience.


The Brose mid-engine is controlled by the QWIC display. The display is located in the middle of the handlebar and therefore easy to read while riding. The control element is located on the left side of the handlebar, therefore easy to use. You can switch between function without taking your hand away from the bar. The QWIC control element offers 3 support levels.

QWIC Performance MN380 hydraulische schijfremmen magura mt-4


The Premium MN380 is equipped with disc breaks from Magura. Those assure performance at all circumstances.: you can brake controlled at all weather conditions. The controlled braking power, even by  wet weather,  make the disc brakes ideal for an electric bicycle. In addition, the disc brakes require minimal maintenance and optimal comfort.


The Premium MN380 e-bike is equipped with an integrated headlamp, the Axa Pico 30. The Axa Pico30 offers an integrated retroreflector and light also during the day. Both features are specially designed to increase your safety by making you more visible in traffic, not just in the evening, but also during the daytime. The integrated headlight makes the e-bike hufterproof and adds to its iconic appearance.


The Premium MN380 is built around the handmade lightweight aluminum 6061-T6 frame. Since the frame is internally double-walled, also the ladies model is extra stiff. The frame is smoothwelded, which means that the welds are well-looking manufactured and not visible anymore. In addition, all vulnerable parts of this e-bike are protected or removed, resulting in a clean and no-nonsense bike. Even the brake wires run completely through the frame. Therefore no loose cables can hang out.


The Premium MN380 is standard equipped with a 375 Wh Li-ion battery. The battery is equipped with One-Key ART approved security that protects the battery and the bike with the same key against theft. The battery has a USB connection which makes the battery easy to read out and can also serve as a charging station for your devices like a smartphone or laptop. Thanks to a smart Battery Management System, the battery is protected against both self and depth discharge. QWIC offers the following battery capacities: 375 Wh / 470 Wh / 625 Wh / 735 Wh.
36V 18650 NCM + Li-ion
Removable battery
Battery options
375 Wh - 470 Wh - 625 Wh - 735 Wh
Recommended price
from € 3399,-
Baggage rack
Schwalbe Big Ben
Until 180 Km
Digital Display
Frame sizes
25.4 Kg exclusive battery
Step-through height
42.5 cm
Adjustable handlebar stem
90 Nm
Charging time
8 hours
Drive placement
Rear brakes
Magura MT-4
Front brakes
Magura MT-4
Gear range
Silent Drive
USB functionality
Front suspension
Suspension seat post
Axa Pico 30 Lux
NuVinci N380
Wheel size
28 Inch

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