Always a QWIC store in your neighbourhood

You can buy a QWIC e-bike by one of our 400 selected dealer stores. The dealer gives advice during your purchase and handles the maintenance of your bike after sales. QWIC is building a growing network on licensed dealers in the Netherlands, U.K., Belgium and Germany. You want to know which dealers in your neighbourhood sells QWIC? Place your postcode or street in the search field below. Is your favourite dealer not mentioned? He can always sign up, so we can get in contact with him.

QWIC XL Dealer & Service Point.
A QWIC XL dealer has a large number of models of the e-bike collection on the shop floor ready for a comprehensive test drive. Of course you can also purchase, service and maintain the e-bike.


QWIC Dealer & Service Point.
At the QWIC dealer you can purchase, service and maintain the e-bike.