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We present you the Performance series, the most powerful e-bikes in our range.

The Performance e-bikes are perfect for the ambitious and sporty rider. Daily comfort on your way to work. They are characterized by a powerful engine, high quality components and their exeptional speed. Within the series you can choose between an efficient mid-drive or rear wheel motor. Additionally, you have the choice between a large range of brake- and gear-systems: do you favor a sporty Derailleur gear? Or rather comfortable, smooth shifting? This series adjusts to all your preferences.

Experience what Performance feels like

This series combines design, quality and power in one e-bike. Thanks to the powerful engine, the performances are of unprecedented levels. Late for work? Never again with these e-bikes.

"The Performance RD10 Speed has perfect grip, powerful assistance and smooth shifting. The brakes make a eager and safe impression, what's important when driving these high speeds."

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