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Performance e-bikes – Max speed: 25 – 45 km/h

The Performance Series bring performance, design, quality and power together in one e-bike. You’ll fly to your destination with our Performance e-bikes. Designed for the demanding athletic cyclist, QWIC Performance e-bikes are a worthy alternative to the short car-ride.

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The Performance Series bring together power, quality and design into one e-bike. The sleek design is a wink to the electric car industry; an aerodynamic look with built-in no-nonsense technology. The powerful support allows the bike to perform at a high level. In our Performance e-bikes, the battery is integrated in the downtube, which gives the bikes a stylish but solid appearance.

E-bikes from the Performance Series are designed for the demanding, athletic cyclist and with speeds of 25 up to 45 km/h make for a good alternative to short car rides. Performance e-bikes are built with luxury components, which is how QWIC guarantees the ultimate riding comfort.

QWIC Sport e-bikes

Performance & Power

The Performance e-bikes are very suitable for demanding, sporty users and is ideal for commuting, which becomes comfortable and quick with these bikes.

The QWIC Performance e-bikes are recognised for their unmatched power, quality components and exceptional performance. Within the series, you can choose between a powerful mid engine or a strong rear engine. The engine can be driven by multiple different systems.

The Series consist of speed pedelecs (45km/h) and electric bikes up to 25 km/h.

"The Performance RD11 Speed has perfect weight distribution, powerful assistance and smooth shifting. The brakes make an eager and safe impression, what's important when driving these high speeds."

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Performance Speed Serie

The Performance Speed Series are QWIC’s answer to short car rides: off to work in a sporty, sustainably and stylish way.

Speed pedelecs are high speeds and comfort combined. The handlebar deliberately has extra large Ergon grips. To come to a standstill lightning fast, these bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. Moreover, you can customise your Speed Pedelec to your taste because of the many different adjustable components.

What your perfect speed pedelec is depends on where you prefer the engine to be and whether you want chain or belt drive.

Mid or rear wheel engine

Performance models give you the choice between a mid or rear wheel engine.

Pro’s of a mid engine
– Optimal weight distribution
– Intuitive pedal support
– Available with multiple gear systems

Pro’s of a rear wheel engine
– Exceptionally powerful
– Sporty cycling feeling
– High speeds

Belt drive or chain drive

Performance e-bike with chain drive
With a chain drive, the bike chain transmits the power through sprockets from the pedal to the rear wheel. A chain drive works efficiently and is cheaper.

Performance e-bike with belt drive
A belt drive is a gear belt made of carbon and plastic. A belt drive is remarkably service-friendly, supple, quiet and sustainable.

Gear system

A derailer gives the lowest resistance and therefore cycles the lightest. Because of the lighter weight and higher number of gears, you’ll encounter this type of gear system more frequently in sporty e-bikes.

Alfine hub gear
The Performance MA11 Speed is equipped with an Alfine hub gear. This can be described as the best of both worlds; the hub is closed, so service friendly, but simultaneously is one of the lightest hubs on the market.


Where can I get a free test ride?

You can get a gree test ride at our QWIC Experience Centre in Amstelveen, NL, or at a QWIC Point of sale near you. Of course you can contact us/a dealer in advance for an appointment.

Am I a typical Performance Series user?

Our Performance e-bikes are extremely suited for demanding, sporty user and are ideal for commuting. They guarantee a comfortable and fast ride to work.

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MA11 Speed

The Performance MA11 Speed is one of a kind. The most advanced and comfortable speed pedelec on the market.

MD11 Speed

The optimal speed bike! The Performance MD11 Speed is a true all-rounder and especially proves its exceptional performance in hilly environments.

RD11 Speed

Speed and performance on a whole new level!


The renewed Performance RD11 with luxurious components ensures optimum comfort
  • Award winning design

    Internationally recognised

  • Craftmanship

    Innovation from Dutch soil

  • 750+ sales points

    The best service always nearby

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