Warranty conditions

The legal warranty applies to all QWIC e-bikes.

Our electric bicycles meet strict quality requirements. The e-bikes are extensively tested both during production and before delivery. Thanks to the high quality and comfortable riding characteristics, QWIC e-bikes have been awarded on several occasions. Of course, a legal warranty applies to all our e-bikes.

Should it nevertheless be necessary to make a claim covered by the warranty, then your local QWIC dealer is the first point of contact. When purchasing an electric bicycle at an authorized QWIC point of sale, the purchase agreement is concluded  with the corresponding dealer. He or she is therefore the first point of contact regarding the warranty.

The dealer can instantly identify and assess problems. For questions or comments, the dealer can contact the technicians of our Customer Service department. Please note: if the problem occurs after the assigned warranty period, you will most likely be charged.

Warranty conditions

If during the warranty period the product appears to be defective (due to defects in material or performance), your QWIC dealer will replace these parts within the warranty coverage with new or refurbished products or parts. All substitute parts and products are automatically property of QWIC.

The warranty is only granted within the warranty period, provided that the original invoice or receipt (with indication of purchase date, model name, serial number and dealer) is submitted together with the defective product. QWIC and its dealers may refuse free warranty service if these documents are not submitted or are incomplete or illegible. The warranty expires when the model name or serial number has been changed, deleted, removed or made illegible.

Please note: the warranty is not transferable. It is only valid for the first owner of the electric bicycle.

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