Performance e-bike ontwerp RD10, en gebuikershandleiding

If you are the proud owner of a QWIC e-bike, it is important that you know how your e-bike works. That is why we ask you to carefully read the manual of the relevant e-bike as it prepares you for many carefree kilometers of cycling pleasure. Keep the instructions and other accompanying documents in a safe place as these must be passed on to everyone using or repairing the e-bike.

A user manual is supplied with every QWIC e-bike. In the manual you will find information about battery usage, support and useful tips and tricks for a larger range. You will also find an explanation of how the bicycle and its display works and guidelines for charging your battery. In addition, the legal provisions are also in the manual. Not sure if you still have your manual? Below it is possible to download the manuals easily and quickly.


2023 – 2018 e-bike collection


Previous models and manuals – year of purchase 2017


Year of purchase 2016 or earlier


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