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Premium Q

Premium Q snelle QWIC e-bike
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“Step on it, cycle away and you imagine yourself on the Porsche Cayenne amongst two-wheelers” – Volkskrant

“The machine, tank, beast and cannon – all nicknames for the Premium Q” –

“The Premium Q is the flagship of QWIC” – TechPulse

The most revolutionary e-bike

The Premium Q captivates with a unique design and is built with the best components from the bicycle industry. This e-bike is fully connected & protected thanks to its clever frame integrated innovations.

The Premium Q has been designed with a lot of attention to the interior and exterior of the e-bike. The powerful mid-motor, the e-bike battery and many smart innovations have been incorporated into the frame. Once on the bike, you experience comfort. Looking at it from a distance, you see an unique and innovative design.

Remarkable design

The design of the Premium Q is especially unique because of the applied casting production method: the frame consists of only one aluminum part with hardly any visible welds. This production technique makes the Premium Q frame exceptionally stiff and is still rare and innovative within the bicycle industry.

The design of the Premium Q was honored with the iF Design Award an the Red Dot Design Award in 2020.

actieradius van QWIC fiets

Superior power

The Premium Q models are equipped with the most silent and powerful e-bike mid-motor on the market. This engine has been developed together with the German motor manufacturer Brose.

The battery is fully integrated into the frame of the Premium Q. All Premium Q models come with a 522 Wh battery as standard, that can be upgraded to 756 Wh. This battery, which has been fully developed in-house, is equipped with latest cell technology and chips from the automotive industry. In that way, QWIC takes a big step forward in energy density, safety and battery lifespan.

Connected to you

The Premium Q is connected & protected. Every Premium Q model has a standard integrated GPS system. With this implemented technology you can easily trace your bike and manage your trip history via the QWIC app

You can easily activate the GPS technology via the QWIC app and is free of charge in the first year of use. Would you like to stay connected? You can optionally extend the GPS-feature via the app for €3,50 per month

“80% of all stolen bikes with a GPS system is traced within 48 hours.”

QWIC Charging station

Charging station

Standard with the Premium Q: Charging Station – Awarded an iF Design Award in 2020

To charge the battery of the Premium Q effortlessly and quickly, this model is equipped with the innovative QWIC charging station as standard. With this user-friendly system, charging does not only feel natural and intuitive, but also happens in an absolute record time of three hours.

QWIC app van Premium Q

Premium Q warranty

The Premium Q e-bikes come with a 5 year warranty. This applies to all electric parts, including the electric bike battery. QWIC is able to offer this guarantee because the battery was entirely developed in-house.

Q MN8 Belt

With the Premium Q Series, we are breaking limits in the comfort e-bike segment. Luxury, quality and fully connected & protected by the smart innovations of this e-bike. Check out the Premium Q MN8 Belt!


The Premium Q Series is the most revolutionary e-bike series at the moment! A groundbreaking design with a powerful mid-engine and fully connected and protected
  • Award winning design

    Internationally recognised

  • Craftmanship

    Innovation from Dutch soil

  • 750+ sales points

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