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QWIC goes off-road and seeks for adventure

The Atlas is an all-terrain e-bike, developed for cyclists who demand unrestricted access to concrete roads as well as off-road trails from time to time. The Atlas screams for long rides and challenges.

A detour is quickly made. Choosing Atlas, is a choice for action.

All-terrain e-bike

The Atlas is an all-terrain e-bike, developed for cyclists who demand unrestricted access to concrete roads as well as off-road trails from time to time. The Atlas screams for long rides and challenges. This Adventure e-bike has been designed for not only commuting, but also for ever-changing leisure purposes. 

A detour is quickly made

With your Atlas e-bike, a detour is quickly made. The most beautiful routes, and therefore also more challenging roads, become your favorites. With this Adventure e-bike you make a real statement: you are not backing in front of any challenges. 

Robust and innovative design

The Atlas has been awarded the prestigious German Design Award 2022. This first unisex design from QWIC can be distinguished from others by its innovative characteristics. 

“When designing the QWIC Atlas, we aimed for a completely new user interaction regarding the battery: an intuitive and easy to access top-tube placement. This resulted in a robust frame which looks and feels very strong and safe. When driving the Atlas, you can feel you are completely in control.” 

 – Ludovica Zengiaro, Product Designer at QWIC. 

Brutal power

The Atlas is an e-bike for two worlds: efficient rides from A to B, but also outdoor adventures. In order to guarantee a maximum range on both concrete and off-roads, the newest technologies from the electric-automotive industry have been implemented. With the Atlas, QWIC offers an optimum performance and speed like never seen before. 

With a battery capacity from 522 Wh to 756 Wh and one of the most powerful mid-engines on the market, the Atlas from QWIC is the optimum energy source for flat, hilly and mountainous grounds.  

Sturdy & Equipped

The Atlas is always up for a challenge. Where rough roads, gravel, hills and mountains are often unpredictable, the off-road tires from the Atlas offer minimum rolling resistance and maximum grip. 

Long trips have never been easier with the Atlas. This e-bike is perfect for transporting extra accessories from bike bags, water bottles to an air pump. 

QWIC Charging Station

Charging station

You can charge the Atlas battery with QWIC’s innovative and prize-winning charging station.
Note: this charging station is optional and costs €299,- extra.

With this user-friendly system, charging does not only feel natural and intuitive, but also happens in an absolute record time:

-> Battery (525 Wh): 2,5 h
-> Battery (756 Wh): 3,5 h

Hibernation mode

The hibernation mode is specifically intended for long-term storage. Batteries discharge on their own, but the charging station keeps the battery charge constantly at the optimal level. This improves the condition and durability of the battery.

Atlas mobility package

You can optionally upgrade the Atlas with an integrated GPS system. For an additional price of €199,- your QWIC dealer will install the GPS software.

As soon as the technology is integrated, you can activate the GPS module via the QWIC app for one year for free. Would you like to stay connected to your Atlas? You can optionally extend the GPS function via the app for €3,50 per month.

Connected & protected

An e-bike with an integrated GPS reduces significantly the risk of theft. Dutch research claims that 80% of all stolen bikes equipped with a GPS can be traced within 48 hours. Therefore connected bikes can be insured more cheaply. You can apply for an insurance via your QWIC dealer.

Via the QWIC service app, you can trace the location of your e-bike, keep track of your travel history and receive notifications about suspicious movements.

Our tip: Choose an insurance company where you can report theft directly via our QWIC app. This connection is possible with the following insurers: ENRA, Kingpolis, Unigarant and Laka.

  • Award winning design

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  • Now with 5 years warranty

    Years of carefree cycling pleasure

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