Atlas Derailleur

✔Battery in frame ✔Mid-engine ✔Derailleur
The Atlas Derailleur screams for action and demands unlimited access to off-road trails in addition to the paved road surface. With the QWIC Atlas, a detour is quickly made.


The QWIC Atlas has been awarded with the prestigious German Design Award 2022.

The integration of the battery in the frame makes the Atlas Derailleur particularly innovative; for the first time at QWIC, the battery moves from the down tube to the top tube. This smart innovation does not only make the Atlas extremely ergonomic, it also introduces the first segment of e-bikes with exclusively a unisex frame.


The Atlas is suitable for various surfaces and terrains. The 90 Nm mid-engine is the optimum power source for hilly and even mountainous terrain. The central position of the engine ensures ideal weight distribution and road holding.


With the Atlas, the battery is innovatively integrated into the top tube of the frame. The Atlas comes standard with a 522 Wh battery, which can be upgraded to no less than 756 Wh. To guarantee the highest possible range on both paved and rough roads, the latest technology from the electric car industry has been applied.


How many km can you cover with a full Atlas battery? That depends on the battery capacity you choose:

522 Wh battery (standard included) → 60 km on average
756 Wh battery (extra charge €420) → 80 km on average

Note: The above average distances are indications only. The range depends on several factors.

11-speed derailleur

If you choose the Atlas with derailleur gearing, your Atlas will have a very sporty character. With 11 different gear positions and a shift range of 382%, you will experience the least resistance while changing gears. The combination of derailleur and mid-engine makes the Atlas a light and powerful climber.


The Atlas is equipped with a 155 Lux lighting. Thanks to this bright and strong lighting, you are always visible and have a better overview in the dark.

The distinctive Q Light is a fully integrated headlight in the frame, which ensures perfect visibility.

LCD bluetooth console

The Atlas is equipped with a LCD console. This is a small and compact display with which you can control the support of your e-bike. You can connect the console to your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection. Via the QWIC app, the bike can be controlled and all available information is shown.

Hydraulic disk brakes

The Atlas is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, a braking system with the strongest and most secure braking power.

Off-road tires

The Atlas is at home in both worlds and demands unrestricted access to off-road trails in addition to the paved road surface. Equipped with thick, sturdy tyres, the Atlas has minimal rolling resistance and maximum grip on forest roads and gravel.

Atlas mobiliteitspakket

The Atlas is connected and protected. You can optionally upgrade the Atlas with an integrated GPS system. For an additional price of €199,- your QWIC dealer will install the GPS software.

As soon as the technology is integrated, you can activate the GPS module via the QWIC app for one year for free. Would you like to stay connected to your Atlas? You can optionally extend the GPS function via the app for €3,50 per month.

Dutch research claims that 80% of all stolen bikes equipped with a GPS can be traced within 48 hours. Therefore connected bikes can be insured more cheaply. You can apply for an insurance via your QWIC dealer.

QWIC Charging station

Optional: Charging station

For an additional fee, you can charge the Atlas battery with the QWIC Charging station. The charging station was awarded an iF Design Award in 2020.

Charging the battery via this station is very user-friendly, feels natural intuitive and is done with the greatest of ease. The charging station also manages to fully charge the battery in a record time of three hours.

Charging station | Learn more


  • Till 170 km
  • 18650 NCM LI-ion
  • yes
  • 522 Wh - 756 Wh
  • 25.5 kg
  • 90 Nm
  • Mid-engine
  • 59,5 m
  • 11-speed derailleur
  • M, L, XL
  • 27.5 Inch
  • yes
  • 4
  • yes
  • 382 %
  • yes
  • yes
  • 155 Lux lighting + Q light
  • Schwalbe
  • Hydraulic disk brakes
  • Hydraulic disk brakes
  • yes
  • 3 hrs
  • From € 4199


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