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The Comfort segment continuously keeps us in the spotlight:

“The Premium Q is the Porsche Cayenne among two-wheelers” – Volkskrant
“The Premium i looks graceful, but is a wolf in sheep’s clothing” – FietsActief
“The QWIC Premium is the Max Verstappen among city bikes; outstandingly fast” – AD

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Pure design and class: Discover the QWIC Comfort e-bikes!

The Comfort e-bikes are the most luxurious lifestyle bikes in the QWIC portfolio. The Comfort Series consists of four categories: Mira, Premium Q, Premium i and the classic Premium.

The differences within these series of design e-bikes include the type of mid motor, drive train or gear system. With the Comfort Series, design and comfort come first.

All handmade aluminium frames are extensively tested for quality, stiffness and riding characteristics. Thanks to the efficient electric system the QWIC Comfort e-bikes are the perfect match for your daily commute. Discover the three Premium Series at the bottom of this page!



Recharge your day

The Mira is the perfect ride for your active lifestyle. It adapts easily to your everyday needs and offers the comfort you need to make your everyday journey that bit more enjoyable. Mira gives you a moment to yourself every single day.

Premium Q

Upgrade to first class

The Premium Q is the most innovative and progressive QWIC e-bike ever built. Models within this series are composed of high quality components and impress with their unique design, on which several renowned designers have worked.

From the very first sketch of the Premium Q, the focus was on the integration of the largest battery ever developed by QWIC, a battery of no less than 756 Wh. Achieving a maximum range was one of the main goals. With this innovative battery integration, no concessions were made to the sleek QWIC design and the usual premium comfort.

Premium i

Embrace the daily commute

The Premium i is made for cyclists with an eye for detail. The fully in-frame integrated battery leads to a better weight distribution of the e-bike. In combination with sturdy aluminium mudguards, the leather grips and saddle developed especially for this range, the design is particularly high quality.

Despite the fine size of the battery, The Premium i has a large capacity and comes standard with 400 Wh, but this can upgraded to 540 Wh.

The Premium i comes with a wide range of options and upgrades, which allows us to offer this e-bike in different price categories.

Q MN8 Belt

With the Premium Q Series, we are breaking limits in the comfort e-bike segment. Luxury, quality and fully connected & protected by the smart innovations of this e-bike. Check out the Premium Q MN8 Belt!


The Premium Q Series is the most revolutionary e-bike series at the moment! A groundbreaking design with a powerful mid-engine and fully connected and protected

i +Auto

✔Battery in frame ✔Mid-engine ✔Automatic gearing ✔QWIC display

i MN7+

The Premium i MN7 + has a luxurious appearance with a fully integrated battery in the frame.

i MN7+Belt

The Premium i MN7+Belt is the most luxurious e-bike within the Premium i Series. Due to the high comfort and low maintenance you can enjoy it carefree.

i Auto

✔Battery in frame ✔Mid-engine ✔Automatic gearing ✔QWIC display


De Premium MN7D+ staat voor luxe en comfort binnen het Premium segment. Met schijfremmen en vernieuwd full colour display.
  • Award winning design

    Internationally recognised

  • Craftmanship

    Innovation from Dutch soil

  • 750+ sales points

    The best service always nearby

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