The Premium Q MN8 is composed of high-quality components and a unique design. The MN8 has a chain drive, where the MN8 Belt and the Limited Edition are equipped with a belt drive. The Premium Q is equipped with the quietest and most powerful e-bike motor on the market and a battery of up to 756 Wh. A fast charging station has been developed especially for the Premium Q to charge the battery faster and smarter at home. The battery is 100% charged in three hours.
QWIC Premium Q


The Premium Q MN8 achieved the international Red Dot Design Award 2020 and the iF Design Awards. The Premium Q owes its beautiful design to the production method used: the frame is cast in one go, which means that the frame consists of almost one piece of aluminium. This technique makes the frame particularly stiff. This method is rare in the bicycle industry and is therefore highly innovative.

QWIC Charging Station

Charging station

The Premium Q MN8 is equipped with the QWIC Charging station, which is awarded with the iF Design Award in 2020.

Charging the battery via this station is very user-friendly, feels natural, intuitive and is done with the greatest of ease. The charging station also manages to fully charge the pedelec battery in a record time of three hours.

The charging station can also put the battery into hibernation mode, which is specifically intended for long-term storage (for example if you cycle less during winter months) and keeps the battery at a healthy 70% charge. Batteries discharge on their own, but the hibernation mode keeps the battery at its ideal 70% charge. This function improves the condition and lifespan of the battery.

Note: The Premium Q only features the charging station. The travel charger is not included as standard.

QWIC app van Premium Q

Connected & protected

The Premium Q has a standard integrated GPS system which you can optionally activate via the QWIC app. The GPS technology is free of charge in the first year of use. After one year of free use, you can extend the GPS feature via the app for €3,50 per month.

Dutch research claims that 80% of all stolen bikes equipped with a GPS can be traced within 48 hours. Therefore connected bikes can be insured more cheaply. You can apply for an insurance via your QWIC dealer.

motor van e-bike


The Premium Q MN8 Belt has the quietest and most powerful e-bike middle motor of the market: Brose Drive S motor. This drive line is virtually silent and is a great source of power thanks to its high torque of 90 Nm. This drive line was developed in collaboration with the German motor manufacturer Brose.

Chain drive

The Premium Q MN8 is equipped with a chain drive with a fully enclosed chain case. This combination ensures high efficiency and makes the e-bike model very low-maintenance.

stuur van elektrische fiets

Hub gear 8-speed

The Premium Q MN8 is equipped with a Nexus 8-speed hub. This gear system has a shift range of 307%. This means that you make 3.07 more pedal revolutions in the lightest gear than in the heaviest gear. Via a hand switch, you can easily switch from one gear to the other.

voorlicht elektrische fiets


The Premium Q MN8 is equipped with 70 Lux lighting. Thanks to this bright and strong light, you are always visible and have a better overview in the dark. The distinctive Q Light is a fully integrated headlight in the frame, which ensures optimal visibility.


The Premium Q MN8 is equipped with an LCD display This is a small and compact display that you can use to control the support of your e-bike. Connect the display console to your smartphone with the QWIC App. Through this app, the bike will be controlled and all available information will be shown.

Hydraulic disc brakes

The Premium Q MN8 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, a braking system with the strongest and most secure braking power.


  • Till 180 km
  • 18650 NCM LI-ion
  • yes
  • 522 Wh - 756 Wh
  • 25,7 kg
  • 90 Nm
  • Middenmotor (Brose)
  • 42,5 m
  • Shimano Nexus 8
  • M, L, XL
  • 28 Inch
  • yes
  • 4
  • yes
  • 307 %
  • yes
  • yes
  • Busch & Müller IQ-XS
  • Schwalbe Energizer Plus
  • Hydraulische schijfremmen (Magura MT4)
  • Hydraulische schijfremmen (Magura MT4)
  • yes
  • 3 hrs
  • From € 4499


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