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The Premium i i striking, not only because of its luxurious appeal, but mostly due to the innovative battery-in-frame integration. The Premium i was made for cyclists with an eye for detail.

“The Premium i looks nice, but is a wolf in sheep’s clothes” – FietsActief

The ultimate lifestyle e-bike

Premium i is a true lifestyle bike and offers a ton of added value to daily routines.

These e-bike series are reliable, stable and maintenance-friendly. With an elegant upright sitting position, front wheel engine or strong mid engine, suspended front fork and an exceptionally comfortable saddle you can almost feel yourself float over hills.

NEW: Premium i Auto

The Premium i comes with an automatic gear shifting system as of June 2022. This technology makes for a complete new cycling experience: the built-in artificial intelligence takes over the entire shifting process!

Various options

The Premium i comes with a wide range of options and upgrades, which allows us to offer this e-bike in multiple price categories.

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The Premium i comes with an integrated 400 Wh battery by default. You can upgrade this to 540 Wh in order to increase your battery range.

Battery range

400 Wh accu (included as standard) -> average 70km
540 Wh accu (additional €270,-) -> average 95 km

Note: The above average distances are merely indications. The actual battery range depends on a number of factors.

Front wheel or mid engine

The Premium i is available with a front wheel or mid enginge.

Pro’s front wheel engine:

– Price advantage
– Lightweight
– Ideal for flat surfaces

Pro’s mid engine: 

– Better weight distribution
– Intuitive pedal support
– More powerful engine: ideal on hills


LCD console

The LCD console is a compact system with which you can easily manage the support of your e-bike. Furthermore, you can quickly read your speed and battery capacity.

QWIC Full colour display

The unique QWIC full colour display is completely designed by QWIC. Besides controlling your e-bike, you have a clear overview from which you can easily read information about your trip, and you can make use of extensive features.

Belt or chain system

Premium i with chain system 

With a chain system, a bike chain transmits the power from the pedals to the rear wheel through sprockets. A chain transmission works efficiently and is relatively cheap.

Premium i with belt system

A belt system is a gear belt made up of carbon and plastic. A belt system is maintenance-friendly, supple, quiet and exceptionally sustainable.

Gear systems

Premium i with derailer
-Combination with mid engine
– Shifting whilst pedaling
– Fixed number of gears
– Cost effective

Premium i with gear hub
– Combination possible with mid or front wheel engine.
– Gear shifting with still pedals
– Fixed number of gears
– Maintenance-friendly

Premium i with automatic gears (NEW)
– Combination possible with mid engine
– Automatic gear shifting
– Optimal battery life

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Rotation and/or power sensor

Premium i models come with a rotation sensor or a combined rotation and power sensor.

Rotation sensor
You’ll receive support as soon as you start pedaling.
The support is less accurately tuned to your actions.

Power sensor
Support has an intuitive and natural feeling. It responds directly to you as rider.
The engine needs to work harder. This influences the range of your e-bike.

See Premium i models

i +Auto

✔Battery in frame ✔Mid-engine ✔Automatic gearing ✔QWIC display

i MN7+

The Premium i MN7 + has a luxurious appearance with a fully integrated battery in the frame.

i MN7+Belt

The Premium i MN7+Belt is the most luxurious e-bike within the Premium i Series. Due to the high comfort and low maintenance you can enjoy it carefree.

i Auto

✔Battery in frame ✔Mid-engine ✔Automatic gearing ✔QWIC display
  • Award winning design

    Internationally recognised

  • Craftmanship

    Innovation from Dutch soil

  • 750+ sales points

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