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Premium i Auto

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Riding a bike has never been so easy. With automatic gears and a powerful mid-engine, perfect for the city and its surroundings. Gets you everywhere in no time!

I am smarter than the others

The Premium i Auto models are the most innovative e-bikes within the Premium i series. The built-in Enviolo AutomatiQ hub takes care of all the shifting for you. Just enjoy the ride, your bike will do the rest!
Switching gears yourself is a thing of the past! The only thing you have to do is setting the desired cadence, and the stepless automatic technology will adjust the shifting system for you, so you can focus on traffic and your surroundings.
The shifting feels natural and adapts to your behaviour while biking. Hills or bridges are no challenge for you. As you go uphill, the resistance decreases. While going downhill, the system shifts to a higher gear. And when you stop, the system automatically shifts back so that you can comfortably accelerate again later.
By always cycling in the most optimum gear, the hub won`t be used in the wrong way.
This prevents wear and extends the lifespan of the component. Making the Premium i more durable in this way makes us proud.
Jos Schutte, Technical Innovation Lead at QWIC, says:
“We work to make our e-bikes a step smarter and better every generation. But of course, ‘smarter’ should not mean that the bike becomes more complicated. On the contrary, we strive to make cycling itself as enticing as possible. The cooperation between enviolo, Bafang and QWIC makes it possible to greatly improve the cycling experience by completely taking over the act of shifting from the user.”

How does automatic shifting work?

The hub contains rotating planets (balls) that allow and infinite number of gears.
This allows fluid shifting between all possible gear ratios. This means you don’t have to shift between different gears. Instead, the Continuously Variable Planetary transmission automatically adapts to the driving speed and power required by adjusting the gear ratio. As a result, you experience a smooth and seamless riding experience with no interruptions in power transmission.


Easy start at the traffic light: During a stop and go situation your bike will automatically be put in under drive which allows you to start with ease and quickly return to your preset cadence. This allows you to be the first to leave the traffic lights or to continue your journey at a slower pace.
Carefree cycling: Set your preferred cadence and the system automatically responds to your cycling motion and shifts to your desired speed. This makes cycling even easier and more comfortable than ever. Hills, bridges and headwinds are no challenge for you anymore.
Almost noiseless: The Premium i (+)Auto guarantees an almost silent and smooth cycling experience. No longer the sound of a skipping chain or the clicking of shifting gears, just the sound of the environment.
Less wear, therefore less maintenance: Because the bike is always in the correct gear, the chain and gears have less wear, resulting in a longer life of the bike and less maintenance costs.
Safer and more enjoyable cycling: With the e-bike’s automatic gearing, you can fully enjoy your ride and concentrate fully on traffic and your surroundings, without having to worry about shifting gears and finding the right one.

Powerful support

The Premium i Auto has a 65 Nm mid-mounted motor. Together with the integrated rotation and force sensors, this offers you the ideal support during the ride. If you are looking for particularly powerful support, the Premium i +Auto with an 80 Nm mid-motor is the perfect choice.

Choose your range

The battery of the Premium i series is entirely integrated into the frame. Despite its super compact appearance, each battery has a considerable capacity.
The Premium i e-bikes are equipped with a 400 Wh battery as standard, which can be upgraded to 540 Wh.

i +Auto

✔Battery in frame ✔Mid-engine ✔Automatic gearing ✔QWIC display

i Auto

✔Battery in frame ✔Mid-engine ✔Automatic gearing ✔QWIC display
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