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Premium i Auto

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Available as of June 2022

QWIC innovates with new technology!
This year, for the first time, the Premium i will be available with an automatic hub system: Premium i Auto, Go effortless

NEW: Premium i Auto

As of June 2022, the Premium i will be available with an automatic shifting system. This technology creates an new cycling experience: the integrated artificial intelligence takes over the entire shifting process from you!

The only thing you have to do is setting up the desired cadence, and the stepless automatic technology will adjust the shifting system so you can always pedal at the same pace, even up or down hill.

Switching gears is a thing of the past! This new system will keep you in the preferred cadence for a comfortable ride, taking any changes in your surroundings into account: when you go uphill, the resistance decreases. While going downhill, the system shifts instantly to a higher gear. As soon as you stop, the system will automatically shift back so that you can accelerate later on comfortably.

By always cycling in the most optimal gear, the hub won’t be used in the wrong way. This prevents wear and extends the lifespan of the component. Making the Premium i more durable in this way, makes us proud.

Powerful support

The Premium i Auto has a 65 Nm mid-mounted motor. Together with the integrated rotation and force sensors, this offers you the ideal support during the ride. If you are looking for particularly powerful support, the Premium i +Auto with an 80 Nm mid-motor is the perfect choice.

Available as of June 2022.

The Premium i Auto is available in stores and for online purchase as of June 2022.

Discover in the meantime our current Premium i models below!

i +Auto

✔Battery in frame ✔Mid-engine ✔Automatic gearing ✔QWIC display

i Auto

✔Battery in frame ✔Mid-engine ✔Automatic gearing ✔QWIC display
  • Award winning design

    Internationally recognised

  • Now with 5 years warranty

    Years of carefree cycling pleasure

  • 750+ sales points

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