QWIC Electrical Bikes

Since 2006 Dutch manufacturer QWIC develops innovative electrical bikes which are not only sustainable, but are also cool to have and fun to drive. We see it as a modern trade, with which we can inspire each other and our customers. The many awards, positive customer reviews and feedback from the last couple years pushed us to even greater heights and quality. With the new battery techniques, improved driving properties, modern gadgets and the stylish figure we aim to persuade the car driver to get on the bike more often.

The collection e-bikes is divided in 4 different segments: Performance Series, Premium Series, Trend Series and Compact Series.

Performance Series

The Performance Series electrical bikes are perfect for the high demanding, sportive minded user. Daily comfort on the way to your job. The best we can build.

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Premium Series

The modern, tough look combined with the use of high quality material makes this the ideal e-bike in it’s price range.

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Trend Series

The award winning Trend Series offer an all-round electrical bike where you can pick between different motors. Value for money.

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Compact Series

The Compact Serie offers a collection electrical folding bikes. Ideal for last-mile travel in a crowded inner city or as an alternative transportation to complement your boat or camper.

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4x Best e-Bike of the year

The QWIC Premium N7.1 and the Trend MN7.2 HS11 both came out on top in two different tests. The N7.1 won the award for best front wheel engine and the Trend MN7.2 HS11 won the award for best mid motor. This again shows, here at QWIC we build high quality bikes for every type of consumer.


QWIC Urban lifestyle N7.1 urban elektrische fiets Jasper outdoor2

Perfect way of commuting

A QWIC e-bike brings you to work and home without dropping a sweat. With the support of the engine, cycling will never be the same. There is no hill too high or a bridge too far. With an electric bicycle you’ll be from A to B in no time.

Perfect way of commuting

Modern Design

Every QWIC e-bike is designed from scratch. The nice ergonometrics, matte colours and brown details give the e-bike a luxury look and good qaulity apparence. The cable guides through the framework make all QWIC e-bikes look very clean. The unique and robust design of the QWIC premium series are awarded with the famous Red Dot Product Design Award.


Red Dot Product Design Award | 2014

Modern design

Research and Development

A passionate team of designers and engineers work in Amsterdam to develop innovative and high quality electric bicycles. Every electric bicycle is designed from
scratch. With full focus on detail all products will rise to higher quality level. Pure passion and craftmanship.

Passion and Craftmanship

High quality components

Which version you will choose, all QWIC electric bikes are equipped with high quality components. Thanks to the high detail and innovative solutions all electric bikes are easy to maintain and easy to service. A craftsman who built the aluminum frame by hand from start to finish. A second person who will check the e-bike completely.

Perfect in every detail

Dutch Craftsmanship

Each handmade frame is thoroughly tested for quality, stiffness and handling. The lightweight aluminum frame has internal reinforcements
for increased stiffness and maneuverability

Dutch Craftmanship


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