Women’s Electric Bikes

The perfect e-bikes with a low step-through

The ladies e-bikes from QWIC are perfect for everyday use.

The award-winning women’s electric bikes of 2019: QWIC e-bikes. These modern, comfortable and very safe e-bikes with a low step-through are available in different price ranges. Our electric ladies’ bikes stand out with their distinctive design and the use of highest-quality components.

Vrouw staat met de Performance RD11 op de een zonnige brug

Safety first - our bikes stand for high quality

Do you regularly cycle with a child in front or behind or do you transport panniers on the back carrier? All this is possible with QWIC e-bikes! All our women’s electric bikes meet the highest safety requirements and are the ideal mode of transport for the city.


The Qwic Premium MN7 and the Premium FN7.1 have both won several prizes, such as the e-bike of the year award.


The electric bike support takes you to your destination the fastest and most comfortable way.

Ideal for long distances:

Our QWIC e-bikes feature the latest technology and best support, so you can easily travel great distances (with or without luggage).

Modern & hip:

The electric ladies’ bikes from QWIC do not only look modern and hip, they also come in many different stunning colors. A real eye-catcher!

Losstaande afbeelding van de ocean blue Premium MA8

Premium MA8 Tour

The Premium MA8 Tour is an eye-catcher and one of QWIC’s best electric ladies’ bikes. This model is perfect for both urban and recreational use. The support is very powerful – this electric bike will take you everywhere effortlessly. This versatile bike is designed to offer optimal comfort to the rider. Its modern components, including an effective battery, make cycling so attractive, you will want to leave the car at home. Moreover, it features a neat design, which makes it extra maintenance-friendly.


Performance RD11, frame trapez, color chalk white

Performance RD11

One of QWIC’s most elegant and fastest bikes is the Performance RD11. This e-bike is unique as it features a powerful rear engine in combination with derailleur gear. This model is ideal for your daily trips to work, the supermarket or a recreational trip on weekends. Also, with this electric ladies’ bike you can choose which battery capacity fits best. With the Performance RD10, you will have an e-bike that can accompany you on every one of your cycling adventures – no matter if in the city or the countryside.

Vrouw staand in de Utrechtsestraat met MN8

Ideal for the city

The electric ladies’ bikes from QWIC can serve for many purposes. For example, to bring the children to school during the week or for a relaxing, recreational bike ride on weekends. With extra low step-through, riding our women’s bikes is a breeze. With the strong engine support, headwind basically does not exist – and cycling becomes a lot more enjoyable. An experience characterised by comfort and elegance.


QWIC Performance MD10, outdoor sfeerbeeld

Wide choice of women's electric bikes

QWIC has a wide choice of ladies e-bikes. If you are more of a sportsman, have a look at our extensive Performance segment. Speed, luxury and agility are of paramount importance in this series. Looking for a rather comfortable electric ladies’ bike for both recreational and commuting traffic? Take a look at our Premium or Urban series.

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