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What is a speed pedelec?

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Now that the electric bicycle has become familiar in the Netherlands, it is time for something new: speed pedelecs. These extremely fast e-bikes reach velocities of no less than 45 km/h. Because of this, you have to follow different traffic rules than with a normal e-bike – the speed pedelecs belong to the moped category. More and more people use the speed pedelec as an alternative to the car or public transport. Due to its high velocities and optimal comfort, it is ideal for commuting.

Kentekenplaat van de Performance Speed Pedelec Serie

Speed pedelec regulations

Due to the high velocities of a speed pedelec, different rules apply than on a normal 25 km/h e-bike.

The following rules must be taken into account:

The maximum speed on the speed pedelec differs per road type:
* Lane = 45 km/h
* (Moped) cycle path within built-up areas = 30 km/h
* (Moped) cycle path outside built-up areas = 40 km/h

Helmet requirement:
Wearing a helmet is mandatory for speed pedelec users while riding. The helmet must be officially approved as suitable for mopeds.

It is legally required in the Netherlands to register your speed pedelec with RDW.

The speed pedelec must be equipped with a rear view mirror.

The minimum age for riding a speed pedelec is 16 years. In addition, riders must be in possession of a moped driving license (type AM).

License plate:
A moped license plate is required on the back of the speed pedelec. Users must also carry the registration certificate at all times when cycling.

Liability insurance is compulsory for the user when purchasing a speed pedelec.

Man staand met de Performance MA11 Speed

Different kinds of speed pedelecs

QWIC offers three different speed pedelecs. They are characterized by their powerful support, high-quality components and exceptional performance. Among other things, there is a choice between a speed pedelec with a mid drive or rear-wheel engine. The speed pedelec can also be combined with sporty derailleur gears or hub gears – the choice is yours.

QWIC employees test the speed pedelecs daily to continuously improve and develop them. We are proud of our collection of speed pedelecs!

QWIC | Dutch Design E-bikes

QWIC Performance MA11 Speed female color is Dutch Orange

Performance MA11 Speed

The Performance MA11 Speed is QWIC’s “full package e-bike” for commuting. All techniques and innovations of recent years have come together in this bike. The speed pedelec is equipped with a belt drive and a powerful 90 Nm Brose mid drive. Furthermore, the Performance MA11 Speed features Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub gears which make the e-bike very maintenance-friendly.

QWIC MD11 Speed, trapez frame, color antracite

Performance MD11 Speed

The Performance MD11 Speed is the faster version of the Performance MD11. Due to the ideal weight distribution, this e-bike especially comes into its own in a hilly environment. The MD11 Speed is equipped with a powerful 90 Nm Brose mid drive and Shimano SLX 11-speed derailleur gears. The Performance MD11 Speed has been awarded several times in Germany.

Performance RD11 Speed

Speed, design and sportiness make this speed pedelec very suitable for daily commuting. The powerful rear engine with 11-speed derailleur gear provides the bike with a sporty character. The Performance RD11 Speed is the successor of the award-winning Performance RD10 Speed, which was honored as “speed pedelec of the year” by the Algemeen Dagblad in 2018.

Q MN8 Belt

With the Premium Q Series, we are breaking limits in the comfort e-bike segment. Luxury, quality and fully connected & protected by the smart innovations of this e-bike. Check out the Premium Q MN8 Belt!

MA11 Speed

The Performance MA11 Speed is one of a kind. The most advanced and comfortable speed pedelec on the market.


The Premium Q Series is the most revolutionary e-bike series at the moment! A groundbreaking design with a powerful mid-engine and fully connected and protected

MD11 Speed

The optimal speed bike! The Performance MD11 Speed is a true all-rounder and especially proves its exceptional performance in hilly environments.

i +Auto

✔Battery in frame ✔Mid-engine ✔Automatic gearing ✔QWIC display


The renewed Performance RD11 with luxurious components ensures optimum comfort

i MN7+Belt

The Premium i MN7+Belt is the most luxurious e-bike within the Premium i Series. Due to the high comfort and low maintenance you can enjoy it carefree.

i Auto

✔Battery in frame ✔Mid-engine ✔Automatic gearing ✔QWIC display

i MN7+

The Premium i MN7 + has a luxurious appearance with a fully integrated battery in the frame.


De Premium MN7D+ staat voor luxe en comfort binnen het Premium segment. Met schijfremmen en vernieuwd full colour display.

i MD9

The Premium i MD9 is designed for comfortable and sporty driving experiences.