The Premium i MN7 + has a luxurious appearance with a fully integrated battery in the frame. Furthermore, this design bike equipped with the Bafang M420 mid engine with both a rotation and torque sensor. Unique to the Premium i MN7 + is the new QWIC LCD color display, which interface has been designed together with Bafang and is entirely in QWIC style. The Shimano Nexus hub gear provides the greatest of ease, allowing you to shift at any time. Moreover, the hub gear is extremely maintenance-friendly.

Hydraulic disc brakes

The Premium i MN7+ is equipped with the Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes. These ensure a comfortable and safe cycling experience at any speed. The disc brakes also require minimal maintenance.

Accu in frame van de Premium i


The battery of the Premium i MN7+ is nicely concealed in the frame, so that it’s almost no longer visible. This complete integration in the frame also ensures a better weight distribution of the e-bike.

This electric bicycle comes standard with a 400 Wh battery, but for an additional cost of €250 you can upgrade it to 540 Wh.

Premium i middenmotor Bafang


The Premium i MN7+ has the high-quality Bafang M420 mid-engine with power and rotation sensor. This combination provides an extremely natural driving experience.

Voorvork en koplamp van de QWIC premium i

Suspension front fork

The Premium i MN7+ has a suspension Suntour fork with lock-out function. This makes you experience this bike as incredibly comfortable.

Display QWIC Premium i e-bike

Full colour display

Unique to the Premium i MN7+ is the implementation of the new QWIC full colour LCD display. This interface was designed together with Bafang and has been completely converted into the QWIC style.

Naaf en schijfrem van Premium i

Hub gear with shift sensor

The Shimano Nexus hub gear provides the greatest convenience, since you can switch at any time. Add the fact that this gear system requires little maintenance and you will always be on the bike carefree.

Bagagerek op de QWIC Premium i

Rear carrier

The MIK rear carrier is a special addition to the Premium MN7+. With great ease you can attach almost any bicycle bag to this rear carrier.