E-bike promotion: Performance Serie

Free 735 Wh battery + 5 years warranty

Valid from 12th September to 30th November 2020

E-bike promotion: When purchasing a QWIC Performance e-bike, you will receive standard (No additional costs) a 735 Wh battery with 5 years warranty on your new e-bike!

More than ever, we are all looking for a serious alternative to the car and public transport. If you cover considerable distances every day, you need some serious power as a means of transport. Especially for you, QWIC has developed the Performance Series.

Free 735 Wh battery + 5 year warranty

QWIC stands for innovation and quality. With the latest quality improvements, implemented by our R&D department, we are extending the current 5-year warranty promotion for the Performance (Speed) Series until 30th November 2020. Because our Performance Series e-bikes deliver the best performance with the largest 735 Wh battery, this battery (worth €400,-) is also offered for free until 30th November 2020!

Summary e-bike promotion:
When purchasing a Performance e-bike from 12th September to 30th November 2020:

    • Free battery upgrade (worth € 400 incl.VAT) to 735 Wh
    • Standard with 5 years warranty


Discover our Peformance (Speed) e-bikes

Man rijdend op met Performance RD11 Speed

Performance Speed Series

With the Performance Speed Series, QWIC offers the perfect alternative to the short car journey: sporty, durable and in style to work!

These sporty e-bikes allow you to cycle comfortably at high speed. Without having to make too much effort yourself, you can quickly reach the top speed of 45 km/h.


Discover the Performance Speed Series

biking on a bridge

Performance Series

You love sportive and powerful cycling, but you are not looking for a speed e-bike (45 km / h)? Then our e-bikes of the Performance Series are the perfect fit for you.

1. Performance RD11 with rear engine and derailleur gear.

2. Performance MD11 with mid-engine and derailleur gear.

2. Performance MN380 with mid-engine and stepless hub gear.

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