Rear engine

The most powerful drive for an electric bike

A pure cycling experience

The positioning of the e-bike engine strongly determines the cycling behavior of an e-bike. Three different engine types are possible: the front, middle or rear drive. The sportiest e-bikes and speed bikes are often equipped with a rear engine in combination with a derailleur gear – for extra power.

The rear engine: a true powerhouse

The engine is one of the most important parts of the electric bike and, together with the battery, ensures optimum support. The rear-wheel drive is the most powerful of all engines and reaches speeds of 45km/h. The engines of QWIC’s electric bikes have been extensively tested and are among the best on the market. The range of e-bikes with rear -wheel drive is wide and diverse! Most of our electric bicycles with rear engine can be found in the Performance Series.

Zakenman rijdt op Performance RD10 Speed

Ideal for sports and leisure

All engine types have their own characteristics and both advantages and disadvantages. The most important points at a glance:

+ Natural cycling experience: support adapts to your own effort
+ Ideal for long distances and recreational use due to sporty derailleur gears
+ Speeds of 45 km/h
+ Silent and powerful engine

– More maintenance through derailleur
– Cannot be combined with hub gear

Powerful and smooth support

The electric bikes from QWIC feature the most powerful and modern rear engine. Our QWIC rear engine offers a torque from 45 Nm up to 50 Nm. Therefore, we provide the most powerful rear engine on the market. This makes cycling through hilly terrain and steep mountain slopes easy like never before.

Man fietst op RD10

A unique cycling experience

The engine is directly connected to the rear wheel which makes for a great sporty bike experience with extra boost. For longer bike rides and hilly terrain, an e-bike with rear wheel engine is ideal!

Efficient: always your desired support

The new rear engine is much more efficient and economical than a few years ago, which enables a larger range. In addition, the engines are less prone to malfunctioning: the force sensor is usually mounted at the bottom bracket and measures how much power you put on the pedals. But at QWIC, the sensor is within the engine – thus, it can directly calculate how much support is individually needed at every moment.

Performance RD11 Speed

One of QWIC’s most elegant and fastest e-bikes is the Performance RD11 Speed. This unique bike impresses with a powerful rear engine and sporty derailleur gears. This model is your ideal companion for daily trips to work, the supermarket or a recreational trip on weekends. Also, it’s in your hands to choose which battery fits your e-bike best. The RD11 Speed will make every cycling adventure a special one!

Urban RD9 heren brushed aluminium zijaanzicht

A wide range of electric bicycles

QWIC offers a broad choice of electric bikes with rear-wheel engine. Take a look at our extensive Performance series, for example. Speed, luxury and sportsmanship are paramount in this series. Or are you rather looking for a comfortable electric bike for recreational use and commuting? Then an e-bike from the Premium or Urban series might be something for you. Compare the different electric bikes with each other and see which type suits your needs best. Furthermore, you can choose a battery and determine the range of your bike yourself. Get your own innovative and sustainable QWIC e-bike for the best price!

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