The price winning Trend series offers allrounder e-bikes with a choice between multiple engines.

QWIC Trend FN7.2 Lite Outdoor sfeerbeeld
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The powerful mid-drive motor, as well as the prizewinning QWIC two-wheel drive with front motor, are incorporated in our Trend e-bikes. They require little maintenance, as each bike is equipped with a fully closed chainguard.

These e-bikes feature battery- and electricity-components from the more expensive Premium series. Value for money.

Award winning

The QWIC Trend MN7.2 HS11 has been chosen by Plusmagazine as the ‘best e-bike 2016’. Also, the independent online platform rated the MN7.2 HS11 as ‘best e-bike in the price range between € 2.000 and € 2.500’.

“What is better than a balanced all-rounder with little maintenance?”

Plusmagazine 2016

  • Award winning design

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