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You can find our QWIC e-bikes at one of the more than 570 sales points in Europe. The dealer not only advises you on the purchase of an e-bike but also takes care of adjustments, maintenance and further service. Proper maintenance of your e-bike is very important: with regular maintenance an electric bicycle lasts significantly longer. Read our Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ to ensure the longevity of your QWIC e-bike.

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Properly maintaining your electric bicycle is very important. QWIC e-bikes are easy to maintain at home, but occasionally they need a little professional attention. Therefore, always make sure that a general service is carried out each year at an authorized QWIC point of sale.

Hoofdkantoor van QWIC in Amsterdam op de Pedro de Medinalaan

Points of sales and service

With more than 570 sales & service points in Europe, there is always a QWIC dealer nearby. Our dealers offer maintenance services to make sure your electric bicycle is always in top condition. For your bike’s longevity it is important to have maintenance carried out regularly.

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"Proper maintenance of the e-bike is very important. With regular maintenance your electric bike will last longer."

Ron de Kruijf, QWIC dealer since 2008

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All our QWIC electric bicycles meet strict quality requirements. The e-bikes are extensively tested both during production and before delivery. Thanks to their high quality and riding characteristics, QWIC electric bicycles have been awarded on several occasions.

Should it nevertheless be necessary to claim the warranty, the nearest QWIC store is your direct point of contact. When purchasing an electric bicycle at an authorized QWIC point of sale, the purchase agreement is concluded with the corresponding dealer. He or she is therefore the first point of contact regarding the warranty.

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A user manual is supplied with every QWIC e-bike. In the manual you will find information about battery usage, support and tips for a larger range. You will also find an explanation of how the bicycle works, its display and how to charge the battery. In addition, the manual also provides the legal provisions – so keep the manual well. Below it is possible to download the manuals.

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