Trend/Compact battery check

Recall of Trend/Compact Series BA00045 battery with serial number D5 to D8, M17, M18 and M19

Check quality and water resistance Trend/Compact battery

For safety reasons we would like to check the water resistance of Trend/Compact BA00045 batteries with serial number D5 to D8, M17, M18 and M19.

The battery is one of the most important parts of an e-bike. If you store the battery correctly or put it aside after cycling, you contribute to the lifespan of the bicycle battery. With regard to safety of bicycle batteries, fire risk due to damage is one of the most important points of attention.

QWIC e-bikes are equipped with high quality Lithium-ion (LI-ion) batteries. LI-ion batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy and are characterized by a high energy density and rechargeable battery. The danger with these types of batteries, and in fact like all other batteries, is the possibility of overheating and then catching fire. Overheating or burning in a battery can occur when a battery is not completely waterproof.

Check the Trend/Compact battery!


Trend Compact BA00045

Identify the battery serial number

Type: Trend/Compact Series BA00045 battery contains serial number D5 to D8, M17, M18 and M19

Some of the Trend/Compact batteries supplied may not be completely waterproof. This problem can occur with Trend/Compact Series BA00045 batteries which contain the serial number D5, D6, D7, D8, M17, M18 and M19.

The serial number can be recognized by the SN no. on the back of the battery. The images opposite are an example: XWHL20L2D7E0001 and WDHL20DCM182400407.

Please note, the recall only applies to the BA00045 batteries described above and not to BA00040 batteries.