Mid drive

the ideal engine for an e-bike

The engine: the heart of every electric bicycle

An e-bike can be fitted with three different engines: on the front and rear wheel, as well as at the bottom bracket – the mid drive. The latter provides the most natural cycling experience as the engine assistance adjusts to your pedal effort.

The engine is one of the most important parts of the electric bike and, together with the battery, embodies the driving force behind a good support. Each e-bike engine features its own characteristics and impacts the bike’s riding behaviour. All engines of our QWIC electric bikes have been extensively tested and are among the best on the market. Our range of electric bikes with mid drives is extremely wide and diverse!

Why an e-bike with mid drive?

No matter which price range you are looking for, we offer a broad choice of award-winning bikes. QWIC e-bikes have been voted best electric bikes of the year. Thanks to collaborating with only the best manufacturers, we have been able to develop the most reliable and powerful engines the bicycle industry can offer.


The mid drive ensures perfect weight distribution and stability of the e-bike.


An electric bicycle with a mid drive provides the most natural riding experience.

Different gear systems possible:

With a mid drive you can choose the gears on your electric bike – such as a derailleur or hub gear.

Brose middenmotor, zwart kleurig

Powerful and smooth support

The electric bikes from QWIC feature the most powerful and modern mid drives available on the market. Our mid drives support you with at least 80Nm (Newtonmeter) torque and reach up to 90Nm. This makes cycling through hilly terrain and steep mountain slopes easier than ever before.

Riemaandrijving van de QWIC MN380

Efficient and trouble-free

The renewed mid-engine is more efficient and economical, offering you a larger range for cycling adventures. In addition, the mid drive is less prone to errors and failure. This is because the force sensor, usually mounted at the bottom bracket, is directly built into the QWIC engine. There, it instantly calculates how much support you need at any given moment.

QWIC Performance MN380 sfeerbeeld outdoor, met model zakelijk

Performance MN380

An elegant e-bike with mid drive is our Performance MN380. Ideal for daily routes through the city and commuting to work. This electric bike features modern technical components to make cycling easy like never before. With the NuVinci 380 gear system, switching is a breeze: it ensures changing gears without pedaling. This model standardly features eight gears.

Male_Premium MN380

A wide choice of electric bicycles

QWIC offers a broad range of electric men’s and women’s bikes. If you opt for a sporty ride, take a look at our extensive Performance collection. Speed, luxury and sportsmanship are paramount in this series. Or are you looking for a comfortable electric bike for leisure and commuting? Then an e-bike from the Premium, Urban or Trend series is for you. Compare our different electric bikes and see which type suits your needs best. You decide how big your range will be by choosing a suitable battery. Thus, you can get yourself an innovative and sustainable e-bike for the best price!

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